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Allmänna villkor för e-handel

1. General

These general terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply when you as a consumer (“Customer”) place an order via www.whollybroth.com and related pages, (the "Website"). Agreement is concluded between you and Skapa Hälsa 360 AB, organization number 559290-5466 ("Wholly Broth"). Detailed contact details and other information about Wholly Broth can be found on the Website. The terms and conditions are only applicable to customers who are consumers and who place orders via the Website.

2. Processing of personal data

We process your personal data primarily to be able to fulfill our obligations to you in the best way. Our starting point is not to process more personal data than is required for the respective purpose, and we always strive to use the least privacy-sensitive data possible.

Your personal data is needed so that we can provide you with good service, information and follow-up of your purchase. We may also need your personal information to comply with current laws and regulations, carry out customer and market analyses, and send targeted offers via e-mail.

Read more about how we process personal data in our privacy policy. integritetspolicy.

3. Cost of shipping

Cost is based on number of products, size and weight. Prices are shown in the checkout before check-out. Orders are not currently sent outside Sweden.

In addition to standard shipping to agents, different shipping options are sometimes offered depending on the delivery address. The cost of these depends on the size of the package and shipping method and is shown at checkout.

4. Delivery time
4.1 Dispatch

We aim to send your order with the earliest possible delivery.
Our products are prepared regularly but sometimes it may take a few days before they are ready for delivery.

4.2 Package to delivery agent

Delivery time is often 2-5 working days depending on the postal address, but can vary.

4.3 Force majeure

Wholly Broth reserves the right that the delivery time may take longer in the event of, for example, operating errors, strikes, Force Majeure, or delays in the distribution network, as well as unforeseen events over which Wholly Broth has no control.

5. Shipping method
5.1 Service point

Skickas normalt med DHL paket. Kunden erhåller vid leveransutskick ett spårbart kollinummer. Paketet ligger kvar hos DHL-ombud i 7 dagar från att det aviserats. Outlösta paket returneras till avsändare och kund debiteras dessa kostnader samt ny frakt om så önskas, se även 10.2

Vet man att man inte har möjlighet att hämta ut sitt paket inom 7 dagar kan man ofta kontakta sitt ombud och be om dispens.

5.2 Postpaket

Mindre försändelser kan skickas med Postnord postpaket som inte är spårbart, detta för att kunna hålla nere fraktkostnader.

5.3 Hämta själv

The customer can choose to pick up their package themselves in Kullavik, which is between Gothenburg and Kungsbacka. This takes place after the customer contacts Wholly Broth and a time for collection is agreed upon.
The address for collection is:
Skogslyckevägen 43,
42934 Kullavik

6. Notification
6.1 Order confirmation

After completing the purchase, the customer receives an order confirmation via e-mail. The customer is responsible for checking that the address details and the content of the order match. If the customer has not received an order confirmation within 24 hours of completing the purchase, the customer is asked to contact info@whollybroth.com

6.2 Advance Notice

The customer receives advance notification via e-mail when the order has been sent. This contains the package number that the customer can use to track the shipment. 

6.3 Delivery notification

Om kunden uppger mobilnummer och epost i kassan sker leveransavisering via SMS, i annat fall aviseras kunden via epost ellere brevpost. Avisering sker så snart försändelsen är framme och redo att hämtas ut. Kunden ansvarar för att korrekt mobilnummer och epost angivits. Om kunden inte hämtar ut sin beställning skickas en påminnelseavisering. Efter 7 dagar går försändelse i retur se 10.2

7. Claim time
7.1 Consignment period of residence

Paket som skickas med DHL ligger på utlämningsstället i 7 dagar. Om kunden inte har möjlighet eller väljer att ej hämta ut/ta emot sin beställning returneras denna till Wholly Broth. Kunden har då skyldighet att betala för de kostnader som uppkommer. Se avsnitt Outlösta försändelser nedan under punkt 10.2.

8. Method of payment
8.1 Card

We use Stripe for secure payment in our webshop. This means you can pay with VISA, Mastercard or AMEX.

8.2 Swish
We use Pay with Swish (Sweden) for secure payment in our webshop (only Sweden). 

9. Customer security
9.1 Open purchase and right of withdrawal

As a customer, you are always entitled by law to a 14-day right of withdrawal from the time you received the item, or in the case of partial deliveries for the same order, when you received the last item for the order. However, the right of withdrawal applies due to health and hygiene reasons only if the seal on the packaging has not been broken when returning food, dietary supplements, beauty products, containers intended for consumption and similar products. The right of withdrawal also does not apply to products marked with a short date or an expired date.

9.1.1 How the Right of Cancellation is used

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the customer must notify Wholly Broth within the right of withdrawal period to obtain a return shipping slip before sending the goods back to Wholly Broth. If the customer does not use the received return shipping slip, the customer must pay for the return shipping himself. If possible, the goods must be sent back in their original original packaging, as well as in their original condition, and a copy of the delivery note or invoice must be attached where the customer marks which goods are being returned. You can use a standard form for right of withdrawal produced by the Swedish Consumer Agency and it is accessible here.

If the product is returned in an altered condition, which is due to the customer handling the product to a greater extent than may be considered necessary to determine its properties or function, Wholly Broth is entitled to make a price deduction in respect of the reduction in value that this brings to the product, which is reduced from the sum for refund to the customer. If goods that are not covered by the right of withdrawal are returned to Wholly Broth and the customer wants to have the product sent back to them, the customer will be charged the original shipping cost for this. If the customer does not hear about a new shipment within 30 days, the right to the product that is discarded is forfeited. Returns may not be made against cash on delivery or cash on delivery. If the goods have not arrived at Wholly Broth 14 days after notification of cancellation, the customer is deemed to have accepted the purchase. If you choose to return one or more products in case of promotional purchases where a product was included with the purchase, the free product must also be returned in unopened/original condition. If you choose to keep the free product, we will send out an invoice for the value of the product.

9.1.2 Refund to customer

Wholly Broth will refund the purchase price, reduced by any price deductions for value reduction as above, within 14 days after Wholly Broth receives your notice of exercise of the right of withdrawal, but at the earliest when the goods have reached the company or the customer has shown that the goods have been sent back to Wholly Broth. Refunds are made using the same payment method that the customer used for the purchase, unless otherwise agreed with the customer.

9.2 Reklamation

Complaints must be made within a reasonable time from the time when damage or fault is discovered. If the outer packaging is damaged, complaints must be made when the shipment is picked up. Returns may not be made against cash on delivery or cash on delivery. The customer must contact Wholly Broth before a complaint is made (customer service can be reached at info@whollybroth.com). Complaints are handled by Wholly Broth customer service. In the event of an approved complaint, Wholly Broth is responsible for shipping and return shipping. If the complaint is not approved, the customer will be charged SEK 129 for shipping back to the customer. The right to complain expires by law 3 years after the customer receives the product or after the expiration date has passed.

If you are not satisfied with our handling, you can contact the General Complaints Board (www.arn.se) or the European Commission for dispute resolution: http://ec.europa.eu/odr

10. Terms of purchase
10.1 General

All prices are stated including VAT. 12% VAT on food and dietary supplements, 6% VAT on books and 25% other goods. To shop at Wholly Broth, the customer must be of legal age or have parental consent to order. This control is not carried out by Wholly Broth, but responsibility for ensuring that this is fulfilled lies with the customer and guardian. The customer is always responsible for the correctness of the information provided in connection with the order. All product images are to be seen as illustrations and Wholly Broth cannot guarantee that they are accurately reproduced in terms of appearance and condition. Several products are made from fresh ingredients, so the taste may vary slightly from time to time.

10.2 Unclaimed Shipments

If the customer does not pick up their order and it is sent back to Wholly Broth, the customer will be charged for costs related to shipping, return shipping, cash on delivery, handling fee and packaging. The fee is currently SEK 250.

10.3 New Dispatch

If the customer wishes to resend a shipment that has been returned to Wholly Broth, the customer will be charged the original shipping cost. Contact customer service to receive a new shipment.

10.4 Liability when using dietary supplements

Dietary supplements are not sold with the aim of having any medical effect, healing and healing injuries and diseases, or to replace medicines or a normal healthy diet. If you are unsure, consult a doctor before use.

10.5 Credit information

Wholly Broth has the right to take a credit report on the customer.

10.6 In case of suspicion of crime

We reserve the right to cancel your order in the event of suspicion of crime or criminal intent, without notifying you. Crimes perceived to harm Wholly Broth will be reported to the police.

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Den här webbplatsen innehåller så kallade cookies. En cookie är en liten textfil som lagras på din dator och som innehåller information. Till vår cookiepolicy

10.8 Köp

When registering a completed order, the customer has read and accepted these terms and conditions. Wholly Broth reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. The customer is responsible for updating himself on the current terms and conditions.

11. Dispute

11.1 I händelse av Tvister
ska de i första hand lösas i samförstånd efter diskussion med Wholly Broth kundtjänst. 

11.2 If the dispute cannot be resolved in agreement with Wholly Broth customer service, you as a customer can turn to ARN (Allmänna reclamationsnämnden), which you can find more information about at www.arn.se. You can also submit complaints directly online via the European Commission's platform for mediation in disputes, which you can find via the following link http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr . If you submit a complaint via this platform, your case is automatically forwarded to the appropriate nationally responsible dispute resolution body. This dispute resolution body then contacts us and tries to resolve the dispute without court involvement.

In the event of a dispute, Wholly Broth follows the decision of ARN or the corresponding dispute resolution body.

11.3 Disputes concerning the interpretation or application of these Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with Swedish law and decided in accordance with point 10.2 above or in the last instance by a general court.

The purchase and delivery conditions were last updated: 2023-01-01

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